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REEport System for NIFA Grant Reporting

Access REEport:

REEport is NIFA’s singular grant and formula project reporting system.  REEport utilizes the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), a standard progress report format that all federal research agencies are required to use.

To receive the most up-to-date information on REEport, make sure to sign up for our REEport listserv according to the instructions below in the Outreach section.

Any questions about reporting policies or using REEport should be directed to

Announcement:  In October, 2014, NIFA will deploy the REEport Project Financial Report function in the REEport system.  This new function will replace the old CRIS AD-419 Financial Report.  Specific instructions for using this new module will be sent out to the REEport listserv and posted on this web page. 

REEport Training Resources

  • This section is the central repository for information on how to use the REEport system.  Utilizing short video tutorials, FAQs, user manuals, and a variety of other resources, users should be able to quickly locate answers to questions.
  • These resources are tailored to meet user needs depending on affiliation and role. To get started, select one of the two options below. If unsure which applies, link to the section on Independent Affiliation. Link to a description and list of Land Grant Partners. (Exception:  1994 Land Grants and Tribal Colleges should use Independent Affiliation)




Reporting Requirements & Policy Information



  • Sign up for the REEport listserv in order to get up-to-date information on system downtime, future development and testing plans, new reporting requirements, and policy information.   To subscribe to the email list, send an email to Skip your subject line and type subscribe REEportDeploy in the body of your message. Be sure you receive an email confirming your subscription.

  • Reporting Web Conferences – Portions of these bi-monthly conferences will cover important REEport topics. Please check the RWC Web Page for more specific agendas, dates, and times.

  • For further information on the REEport system, email the REEport Customer Service Team at


REEport Customer Service Team

Bart Hewitt, Director, Planning, Accountability & Reporting Staff (PARS)
Katelyn Sellers, REEport Business Manager, PARS
Adam Preuter, Management & Program Analyst, PARS
James Hultzman, Management & Program Analyst, PARS

The entire REEport team can be reached by using the email address.