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BIGS project

The “Bioinformatics to Implement Genomic Selection” (BIGS) project is a collaborative project started at Iowa State University in 2009, involving CalPoly San Luis Obispo and US Meat Animal Research Center.

The project involves three main objectives. First, the development and successive enhancement of Bayesian procedures for analyzing high-density SNP data in order to identify QTL regions and provide genomic predictions of beef cattle merit (ISU). Second, the implementation of haplotyping algorithms for high-density SNP data with or without pedigree to estimate haplotype effects for joint analysis along with individual SNP effects (USMARC). Third, the development of a secure, user-friendly web-based interface for specifying analytical options from objectives 1 and 2, managing the submission of jobs to a high performance computer cluster, and reporting the results back to the user (CalPoly).

The system is operational at http://bigs.ansci.iastate.edu and open to any US researchers with beef cattle projects involving high-density SNP data. Additional bioinformatics tools will be progressively built into the system as it develops through 2011.

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