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VMLRP Application Forms

This section offers a convenient and efficient location for all application forms for the VMLRP.  If you have questions or have trouble downloading any of the forms, please contact us.  Our contact information can be found at the end of this page.

An application checklist is available to assist you with the submission of your application.

Each form is available in one of the following formats:

MS Word (use “Insert” keyboard function to enter text/responses into indicated fields)

Fillable PDF format (requires Adobe Professional to enter data and save file)

Individuals may submit only one application per cycle.  It is important that you review the FY 2014 Request for Applications (RFA) and the Application Guide for details on how to complete each form and submit your application.

1) Applicant Information Form (NIFA-01-10): Word | PDF

2) Personal Statement (NIFA-02-10): Word | PDF

3) List of Recommenders (NIFA-03-10): Word | PDF

4) Loan Information Form (NIFA-04-10): Word | PDF

5) Certifications for Application (NIFA-06-10): Word | PDF

6) Intent of Employment (NIFA-07-10): Word | PDF

7) Recommendation Form (NIFA-08-10): Word | PDF

Sample Contract

The VMLRP Contract is a legal agreement that binds the selected applicant and the Secretary of USDA and/or NIFA Director to the terms and conditions for participation in the VMLRP, including obligations of both parties.  The contract must be signed by the applicant and the Secretary before the agreement can become effective.

You will receive an official copy of the contract to sign and return if you are selected for an award.  Please read the sample contract thoroughly so that you fully understand the terms and conditions.  If you have questions regarding the contract, email us at vmlrp@nifa.usda.gov.

Contact Information

For Further Information Contact: VMLRP.

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