AFRI–Animal Breeding

AFRI - Animal Breeding Projects
Grant Number Accession Number Proposal Number Proposal Title Program Code AOR Institution Project Director Award Date Award Amount  
Animal Breeding Tools                  
2013-67015-21202 1001165 2013-00969 Web-Based Tools for Curation and Display of Locus-Specific Alternate Assembles A1201 The Curators of the University of Missouri Elsik, Christine G. 9/6/2013 499862  
2013-67015-21357 1000815 2013-00971 Improving The Chicken Genome Assembly and Annotation A1201 Washington University Warren, Wesley Charles 9/10/2013 485690  
2013-67015-21228 1000517 2013-00978 Improving Reference Genomes for Agriculturally Important Animals A1201 Baylor College of Medicine Worley, Kim Carlyle 9/10/2013 500000  
2013-67015-21231 1001095 2013-00984 iAnimal: cyberinfrastructure enabling animal breeding genetics and genomics A1201 Arizona Board of Regents, The University of Arizona Lyons, Eric 9/19/2013 500000  
2013-67015-21210 1000727 2013-01001 Development of Systems Informatics Tools to Accelerate Livestock Genomics A1201 Iowa State University of Science and Technology Reecy, James M 9/12/2013 499990  
Databases for Animal Breeding            
2013-67015-21372 1000798 2013-00976 Building the Sheep Genomes Database A1201 Utah State University/Utah Agricultural Experiment Station Cockett, Noelle E. 9/13/2013 500000  
Breeding for Animal Health and Disease Resistance            
2013-67015-21315 1001215 2013-01088 Pooled genotyping and sequencing for development of molecular breeding values for resistance to bovine respiratory disease A1221 Colorado State University Enns, R. Mark 9/10/2013 498398  
2013-67015-21241 1000709 2013-01043 Functional Genomics to Enhance Aflatoxin Resistance in Poultry A1221 Utah State University/Utah Agricultural Experiment Station Coulombe, Roger Arthur 9/9/2013 499822  
2013-67015-21344 1000952 2013-01178 Enhancing Host Genetic Resistance to Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex A1221 Iowa State University of Science and Technology Reecy, James M 9/6/2013 499999  
Breeding for Improving Fertility and Reproductive Efficiency            
2013-67015-20951 1000361 2013-00831 Sperm DNA methylome and its impacts on male fertility in dairy cattle A1211 Agricultural Research Service Liu, Ge 8/1/2013 499968  
2013-67015-21081 1000438 2013-00822 Poultry Germplasm Preservation: Modulating Membrane Lipids for Successful Cryopreservation of Semen from Valuable Genetic Stocks A1211 U.S. Department of Agriculture Long, Julie A 9/11/2013 410067  
Breeding for Improving Growth and Nutrient Utilization          
2014-67015-21619 1001896 2013-01994 Integrated analysis of genetic marker, mRNA and miRNA data to unravel mechanisms controlling growth and meat quality traits in pigs A1231 Michigan State University Ernst, Catherine W. 11/20/2013 499985
2014-67015-21602 1001580 2013-02007 SNP Markers for Muscle, Growth and Fillet Quality Traits in Rainbow Trout A1231 Middle Tennessee State University Salem, Mohamed 11/26/2013 499999
2014-67015-21819 1002259 2013-02011 Genetic and environmental variation and its subsequent effect on fetal growth, nutrient utilization, and composition in beef cattle A1231 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois Beever, Jonathan E 2/6/2014 499237
2014-67015-21696 1002025 2013-01953 Molecular signatures and mechanistic modeling for improving feed efficiency in broilers A1231 University of Arkansas Bottje, Walter Gay 1/17/2014 274498
2014-67016-21601 1001700 2013-01927 Genetic variation in growth under stressful conditions in rainbow trout A1231 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Drew, Robert 11/25/2013 148448