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Other Microbial Genomic Projects

NIFA is involved in many other microbial genomic projects:

  • NIFA funds research on microbes in animal systems. Animal pathogens pose threats to livestock as well as human health. Such pathogens can be viruses, bacteria, or internal and external parasites. Animal ruminant bacteria include many microbial species that benefit animal agriculture. They play a critical role in controlling the ruminal breakdown of cellulose and other structural carbohydrates of plant cell walls.

  • Microbes in plant systems have tremendous impacts on plant health, both positively and negatively. Microbial pathogens can reduce yields of their plant hosts. Microbial biological control agents can help protect plants from disease, thereby increasing yields. By providing new information about a microorganism's genetic complement, genomics promises to offer more effective strategies for controlling plant disease.

  • Microbes in foods can affect the safety of foods, create new foods, or increase the efficiency of food production. Producers, processors, and consumers consistently rank food safety as a high priority. Microbial genomics provides unprecedented opportunities to improve detection and control of foodborne pathogens. Microorganisms often play a very useful role in terms of food processing and production of new foods. Through microbial genomics, we can better harness the power of microorganisms to produce higher quality foods and more food choices.


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