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Risk Management Education Program

The Risk Management Education Program was established under Section 133 of the Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000. The act annually provides $5 million to USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) and $5 million to NIFA. NIFA develops and provides risk management education materials to producers covering the full gamut of risk management strategies in all 50 states and territories.

Regional Risk Management Education Centers

The program operates through the four regional Risk Management Education Centers with support from the Digital Risk Management Center at the University of Minnesota. The program's objective is to educate agricultural producers on the full range of risk management strategies and tactics, including futures, options, agricultural trade options, crop insurance, cash forward contracting, debt reduction, production diversification, farm resources risk reduction, and other risk management strategies. These centers provide funds on a competitive basis to those who have the expertise to develop and deliver risk mitigation educational materials to producers.

Please link to the Extension Risk Management Education website to find your regional contact.

Advisory Committees

An advisory committee governs each Risk Management Education Center. Members are experts qualified by training and/or experience in various aspects of risk management. The advisory committees provide guidance on priorities and areas of emphasis in each center's Request for Applications (RFAs). The committee members also serve as reviewers for proposals received and provide award and funding recommendations to the respective center director s. All grants are made on a competitive basis based on guidelines and areas of emphasis as contained in each of the respective RFAs.


Any private or public entity that can show it can prepare highly professional educational programs for producers on risk management is eligible to apply. They include, but are not limited to, the following: farm organizations, land-grant universities, Cooperative Extension Services, lenders, consultants, other colleges and universities, risk management service providers, other private and public organizations that are qualified to develop and deliver risk management education programs.

Digital Center for Risk Management

Education programs of the Digital Center for Risk Management at the University of Minnesota provide a number of supporting services to the regional Risk Management Education Centers. The four regional centers receive proposals and applications online, and the progress of individual grantees is also available. The Center's National Agricultural Risk Library archives final reports, which can be queried to provide data and reports to interested constituents, USDA, and Congress.

Points of Contact

Northeast Center for Risk Management Education
Laurie Wolinski, Director
University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Phone 302-831-2538

North Central Risk Management Education Center  (New URL)
Bradley Lubben, Director
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Phone 402-472-2235

Southern Region Risk Management Education Center
Ron Rainey, Co-Director
H.L. Goodwin, Co-Director
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
Phone: 501-671-2175

Western Central for Risk Management Education
Shannon Neibergs, Director
Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Phone 509-335-6360

Digital Center for Risk Management Education
Robert Craven, Director
University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN
Phone toll-free 800-234-1111

Pat Hipple, National Program Leader
Washington, DC


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