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Multistate Economic Research Committees

NIFA representatives liaise with scientists from land-grant institutions through multistate research committees to promote research and extension activities with regional or national benefits.

These committees enable teams of scientists from various states and disciplines to collaborate on research and extension activities, share results and procedures, and minimize duplication of effort. In some cases, committees may coordinate the writing of summary reports or develop common procedures and practices.

The following are multistate committees focusing chiefly on marketing, farm management, and public affairs.

Economic & Psychological Determinants of Household Savings
NC1013 J. Schuchardt

Agricultural & Rural Finance Markets in Transition

NC1014 J. Schuchardt

Economic Assessment of Changes in Trade Arrangements, Bio-terrorism Threats & Renewable Fuels Requirements on the U.S. Grain & Oilseed Sector

NC1016 H. Bahn

Family Firms & Policy

NC1030 J. Schuchardt

Impact Analysis & Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research

NC1034 H. Bahn

Research & Education Support for Renewal of American Agriculture of the Middle

NC1036 H. Bahn

Agricultural Education Research

NCAC024 H. Bahn

Family Economics

NCCC052 J. Schuchardt

Social Change in the Marketplace: Producers, Retailers, Consumers

NCCC065 M. Bailey

Applied Commodity Price Analysis, Forecasting, & Market Risk Management

NCCC134 H. Bahn

Improving Management & Effectiveness of Cooperatively Owned Business Organizations

NCERA194 M. Bailey

Research Committee on Commodity Promotion

NECC063 H. Bahn

Impacts of Trade & Domestic Policies on Competitiveness & Performance of Southern Agriculture

S1016 H. Bahn

Managing & Marketing Environmental Plants for Improved Production, Profitability & Efficiency

S1021 H. Bahn

Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology

SAC007 F.Hunt,
S. Maggard

Coordination of Value-Added Activities

SERA032 M. Bailey

Marketing, Trade & Management of Fisheries & Aquaculture Resources

W1004 G. Jensen, H. Bahn

Enhancing the Competitiveness of U.S. Meats

W1177 H. Bahn

Interfacing Technological, Economic & Institutional Principles for Managing Inter-sector Mobilization of Water

W1190 F. Hunt,
M. O'Neill

Rangeland Resource Economics & Policy

WERA055 F. Hunt

Assessing China as Market & Competitor

WERA101 H. Bahn

Agribusiness Research Emphasizing Competitiveness

WERA072 M. Bailey

Reduction of Error in Rural & Agricultural Surveys

WERA1001 M. Bailey

Agricultural & Community Development in American Pacific

WERA1004 S. Maggard,
J. Auburn,
L. Tupas


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