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Serving the Needs of Military Youth

NIFA has developed partnerships with the Army, Navy, and Air Force to support youth and family programs on military installations around the world.

In addition to making wise use of public resources, these collaborations promote mission readiness for military personnel. With the support of 4-H extension professionals, military staff members provide strong educational programs for children so that military men and women can pursue their critical, high - risk assignments knowing that their children are in safe and nurturing environments.

4-H clubs provide quality educational experiences using research-based curricula in photography, computer technology, arts, and citizenship for military youth ages 5 to 19. The goal is for military youth to join a 4-H club and to be able to continue their 4-H work wherever they move when their parents are deployed.

Extension provides resources and programs in a wide variety of subject areas that can benefit military staff as they serve their youth and families. Each s tate 4-H leader has named a state 4-H military liaison to coordinate extension and military partnerships in the state. This person links local installations, counties, NIFA, and the USDA/Army Youth Development Project and provides guidance and assistance in establishing 4-H clubs and programs on military installations.

In addition to establishing 4-H Clubs on installations worldwide, 4–H is proud to be a national partner of the Operation: Military Kids program.  This program develops community programs for military children whose parents deploy in support of the Global War on Terror.  4–H military liaisons in each state serve as project directors and work to bring state and community agencies together in support of these children.

For more information on the 4-H Military Partnerships, visit www.4-hmilitarypartnerships.org.


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