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EFNEP RFA 5-Year Plan/Annual Update and Budget Requirements

NIFA compiled the following frequently asked questions to help institutions understand the EFNEP Capacity Request for Application (RFA), the 5-Year Plan/ Annual Update Process and the Budget Requirements.

General Questions


5-Year Plan/Annual Update

Budget Sheet and Budget Justification


General Questions

What is the deadline for submission of the EFNEP RFA?

The deadline for submission of EFNEP Capacity Request for Application (RFA) (formerly the Formula Grant Opportunity (FGO)) varies from year to year. When the deadline is known it is announced over the NIFA Listervs and the RFA is posted on the EFNEP RFA Webpage.

Where can I find information related to EFNEP funds such as the formula distribution and authorizing legislation?

Information on the formula distribution, authorizing legislation, regulations, guidelines and policies related to EFNEP funds can be found on the Smith Lever Act Formula Grant webpage. Allocation amounts are found in Appendix A of the “Final” EFNEP RFA/FGO or, if applicable, in the revised Appendix A.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble accessing EFNEP funds?

If you are having trouble accessing EFNEP funds it is possible that one or more university reporting requirement has not been met. If your university has received its Award Face Sheet, please review the provisions section to see if there is a specific reason why funds are on hold.  If they are on hold due to program specific reporting requirements (WebNEERS End of Year Data, Annual Update/5-Year Plan, Budget/Justification), contact Stephanie Blake, EFNEP Program Coordinator.  If they are on hold due to other reasons, contact NIFA's Fiscal Administrative contacts. If funds are not on hold, but you are having trouble drawing them down from the Automated Standard Application for Payment (ASAP), contact NIFA’s ASAP Customer Service Help Desk.  

5-Year Plan/Annual Update

How do I know when to submit a 5-Year Plan versus an Annual Update?

Only the 5-Year Plan or the Annual Update is due any given year.

Every five years each institution should submit a full 5-Year Plan. The next time a full 5-Year Plan is due is in 2016.

Each of the four years between submissions of the 5-Year Plan, each institution should submit an Annual Update.

What year am I reporting on in my Annual Update?

The Annual Update should report on the current fiscal year. As you review each section, update the information with any changes you implemented or plan to implement for that fiscal year.  The only exceptions to this are: A) the Program Priorities, B) Delivery Sites/Locations C) Program Impacts, and D) Environmental Settings and Sectors of Influence. These sections need to be updated with data from the previous year.

Budget Sheet and Budget Justification

How long can I carry-over EFNEP funds?

EFNEP funds are expected to be fully expended in the fiscal year of appropriation; however funds may be carried over for up to four (4) years after the end of the year for which they were appropriated.

Where can I find information related to allowable and unallowable expenses for EFNEP funds?

EFNEP funding is authorized under section 3(d) of the Smith Lever Act. The Administrative Manual for Smith Lever Funds provides information on allowable and unallowable expenses beginning on page 3-28. It should be noted that this manual is in the process of being revised. At the point the new manual is finalized, it will be posted and states will be notified.

Where can I find the most up-to-date copy of the Budget Sheet?

The most up-to-date copy of the budget sheet can be found on the EFNEP RFA Webpage. It can also be downloaded directly from the Web-based Nutrition Education Evaluation and Reporting System (WebNEERS).

I am not sure how to fill out the Budget Sheet, are there any instructions?

The Budget Sheet can be confusing. For this reason we put together step-by-step instructions illustrating how to successfully complete EFNEP budget sheets. These are found in Appendix A of the Budget and Budget Justification Instructions.





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