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NRI Air Quality All-Investigator Meeting

As a result of the National Research Initiative’s (NRI) Air Quality program, significant progress has been made in measuring emissions of gases and particulate matter from agricultural operations, as well as in developing management practices to reduce emissions. The first NRI Air Quality all-investigator meeting was held in Washington, DC on May 12, 2005. Representatives from all thirteen projects funded in 2004 were present. Some of the highlights from the reporting session were:

  • reductions of almost half in ammonia emissions from swine when fed reduced crude protein diets;
  • fertilizer induced nitrous oxide emissions in the northern great plains were found to be an order of magnitude lower than current accepted inventories;
  • validation of odor intensity measurements with different methods is possible, and;
  • vegetation buffers reduced down-wind emissions from poultry houses.

For additional information from the meeting, go to the meeting agenda and select any of the projects to view their presentations.

The project updates are also available alongside their Current Research Information System (CRIS) abstracts, objectives, and publications.


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