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Regional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Centers

USDA has placed a high priority on the establishment of Regional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) centers as a means of strengthening its connection with production agriculture, research and extension programs, and agricultural stakeholders throughout the United States. Regional Centers help NIFA and its partner institutions identify, prioritize, and coordinate national pest management research, extension, and education programs. While centers are regionally based, inter-regional collaboration that crosses parochial boundaries is an important component of the program's success.

Regional IPM Centers:

  • Increase the effectiveness of public investments by enhancing the coordination of research and outreach efforts.
  • Bolster interdisciplinary and multi-organizational IPM research and outreach efforts.
  • Provide timely and high-quality information on IPM practices and use patterns to government agencies and agricultural stakeholders.
  • Organize responses to emerging regional and national issues.
  • Foster a high level of stakeholder involvement and support for public research and outreach IPM programs.
  • Administer a regional IPM Research Grants program under NIFA oversight.
  • Administer regional IPM grants program.

You can learn more about the Regional IPM centers at the Regional Pest Management Centers Web site.


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