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Global Change and Climate Program: An Interdisciplinary Scientific Approach

The nature of global change and climate require the use of a cross-cutting interdisciplinary scientific approach to address their impacts and to mitigate adverse effects on agricultural production and forest and rangeland resources. The projects focus on measuring and understanding the processes that shape the physical, chemical, and biological makeup of land, atmosphere, and water. The challenges are to understand the components that form the ecosystems from the molecular to the global scale and to understand how these systems are linked and interact.

The research builds on, supports, and integrates many disciplines and tools, including geography, ecology, genomics, soil sciences, conservation biology, atmospheric and earth sciences, hydrology, environmental engineering, and the paleo- and social sciences. The integration of these tools and disciplines goes beyond discipline-based inquiry and is fundamental to the understanding of the climate system, nutrient cycles, ecosystem functions, and biodiversity.

The Global Change and Climate Program provides leadership in dealing with critical issues faced by agricultural producers and the forestry industry to maintain natural resources, sustain productivity and understand the impacts of agriculture, forest and rangelands on climate. The program works toward implementing the strategic plan of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, which describes a strategy for developing knowledge of variability and change in climate and related and human systems, and for encouraging the application of this knowledge. The program aims to address the issues surrounding climate and global change as applied to agroecosystems in the following areas:


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