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Down-well Cameras

A majority of rural residents in the Southern region have their drinking water supplied by private wells. It is critical that these wells function properly and are free of pollutants. The Southern Region Drinking Water and Human Health Program Team uses down-well cameras to supplement evaluation of the condition of private drinking water wells and to gain an understanding of groundwater impacts. A down-well camera captures footage that allows a specialist to check a well's casing, depth of casing, presence of seepage at joints, depth to water level that might lead to contamination, and other critical places in a water well that can not be seen during a traditional wellhead inspection. Images obtained with a down-well camera identify problems and provide individuals with information necessary to encourage them to repair their well and remove the presence of any potential surface pollutants.  Additional information about down-well cameras is available on the Southern Region Water Quality Coordination Project's Web site.

The NIFA National Integrated Water Quality Program sponsors the Southern Region Water Quality Coordination Project.


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