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Irrigation Publication

"Irrigating with Limited Water Supplies - A Practical Guide to Choosing Crops Well-Suited to Limited Irrigation, is a product of the NIFA Northern Plains and Mountains Regional Water Quality Coordination Project. The Montana State University Extension Water Quality Program, in cooperation with Colorado State University and Utah State University, produced this user-friendly publication containing practical, low-cost strategies to help irrigators achieve the highest possible economic returns with limited water.

In the past decade, drought throughout much of Montana and the Northern Plains and Mountains region has caused water supplies to become inadequate to satisfy crop moisture needs during the entire irrigation season.  Strategies provided in this guide include fine-tuning irrigation schedules to optimize water use efficiency, capturing and storing precipitation, and growing crops well suited to limited irrigation.  The primary emphasis is to analyze commonly irrigated crops in terms of water use characteristics and effective management to maximize their production.   While drought poses many challenges to irrigators, the strategies outlined in this publication can help ease the burden of limited water supplies.    

The Northern Plains and Mountains Regional Water Quality Coordination Project is supported by a competitive grant (2004-51130-02248) from the National Integrated Water Quality Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture.


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