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ECOP Forestry and Natural Resources Task Force

A Forestry and Natural Resources Task Force was created by the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) in 2000. Its objectives are:

  • increased funding for the Renewable Resources Extension Act;
  • fostering strong working relationships with federal agencies and national forestry organizations;
  • alternative funding for natural resource extension programs.

The task force has four regional extension director representatives, an 1890 land-grant institution representative, and representatives from:

  • the USDA Forest Service;
  • the National Association of State Foresters (NASF);
  • the National Association of University Forest Resources Programs (NAUFRP);
  • the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC);
  • the National Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Programs (NAUFWP);
  • the Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals (ANREP).

The task force meets in Washington, DC twice a year and holds bi-monthly conference calls throughout the year.

The efforts of the Forestry and Natural Resouces Task Force and other organizations resulted in the 2002 Farm Bill inclusion of a Forestry Title that reauthorized RREA through FY 2007 (September 30, 2007) and doubled the authorized funding to $30 million per year.

Forestry and Natural Resources Task Force members:

  • Adell Brown, Co-Chair, 1890 Institutions
  • Hal Salwasser, Co-Chair, NAUFRP
  • Nancy Franz, Extension, Northeast Region
  • Charles Casey, Extension North Central Region
  • Gaines Smith, Extension Southern Region
  • Tony Nakazawa, Extension Western Region
  • Steven Daley-Laursen, NAUFRP
  • Tom Franklin, NAUFWP
  • NASF Representative (TBD)
  • Scott Reed, ANREP Past President
  • Melvin Baughman, Task Force Intern
  • Nat Frazer, Task Force Intern
  • Richard Wootton, NASULGC-ECOP
  • Linda Kay Benning, NASULGC-ECOP
  • Luke Forrest, NASULGC-Board on Natural Resources (BNR)
  • Pat Reid, NASULGC-BNR
  • Larry Payne, USDA Forest Service
  • Karl Dalla Rosa, USDA Forest Service
  • Eric Norland, USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service


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