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Invasive Species

National Invasive Species Management Plan

The National Invasive Species Management Plan is a product of 10 cabinet-level council members who were directed to provide leadership on invasive species issues by a February 1999 Executive Order. The plan outlines leadership and coordination, prevention, early detection and rapid response, control and management, restoration, international cooperation, research, information management, and education and public awareness strategies to prevent the adverse effects of invasive species.

NIFA takes a leadership role in the Early Detection and Rapid Response, Communication and Outreach, and Control and Management Working Groups of the National Invasive Species Management Plan, as follows:

Early Detection and Rapid Response Working Group Communication and Outreach Working Group

Tom Bewick, NIFA national program leader for horticulture, co-chairs both of these working groups.

Control and Management Working Group (Workshop Planned for Fiscal Year 04)

Robert Nowierski, NIFA national program leader for bio-based pest management, co-chairs the Control and Management Working Group. A workshop to determine the status and needs of control and management of invasive species takes place in spring Fiscal Year 04.

These and other working groups will help the National Invasive Species Council implement the National Invasive Species Management Plan.

The National Invasive Species Council's Management Plan website gives up-to-date information on a variety of invasive species issues.


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