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Multistate Research Projects

The following are multistate research projects.

  • Rootstock and interstem effects on pome and stone fruit trees. NC-140.
  • Horticultural crops. NCAC-004. NIFA representative Tom Bewick
  • Eradication, containment, and/or management of plum pox disease. NE-1006. NIFA representative Tom Bewick
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation of new apple cultivars. NE-183. NIFA representative Tom Bewick.
  • Maintaining plant health: Managing insects, pests, and diseases of landscape plants. NCR-193. NIFA representative Monte Johnson
  • Genetic manipulation of sweet corn quality and stress resistance. NE-124. NIFA representative Ann Marie Thro
  • Characterizing weed population variability for improved weed management decision support systems to reduce herbicide use. NC-202. NIFA representative James Parochetti.
  • Assessing nitrogen mineralization and other diagnostic criteria to refine nitrogen rates for crops and to minimize losses. NC-218. NIFA representative Ray Knighton.
  • Conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources. NE-009. NIFA representative Ann Marie Thro.
  • Improved weed control through residue management and crop rotation. NE-1000. NIFA representatives James Parochetti and Mary Ann Rozom.
  • Assuring fruit and vegetable product quality and safety through the handling and marketing chain. NE-1008. NIFA representative D. R. Rao.
  • Postharvest physiology of fruits. NE-103. NIFA representative D. R. Rao.
  • Biological improvement of chestnut and management of the chestnut pathogens and pests. NE-140 NIFA representative Robert Nowierski.
  • Decision support for design and control of plant growth systems. NE-164. NIFA representative Jim Green.
  • Biologically based IPM systems for management of plant parasitic nematodes. NE-171. NIFA representative Robert Nowierski.
  • Best management practices for turf systems in the east. NE-187. NIFA representative Preston Jones.
  • Development of an improved management program for the internal Lepidoptera pest complex attacking apples in the northeastern United States. NE-503. NIFA representative Rick Meyer and Mike Fitzner.
  • Maintaining plant health: Managing insect pests and diseases of landscape plants. NCR 193. NIFA representative Monte Johnson.
  • Plant genetic resources conservation. S-009. NIFA representative Ann Marie Thro.
  • Development of plant pathogens as bioherbicides for weed control. S-1001. NIFA representative James Parochetti.
  • Plant genetic resource conservation and utilization. W-006. NIFA representative Ann Marie Thro.
  • Biological control in pest management systems of plants. W-1185. NIFA representative Robert Nowierski.
  • Microirrigation technologies for protection of natural resources and optimum production. W-128. NIFA representative Michael O'Neill.
  • Managing plant-microbe interactions in soil to promote sustainable agriculture. W-147.  NIFA representative Jill Auburn.
  • Genetic improvement of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for yield, pest resistance, and food value. W-150.  NIFA representative Ann Marie Thro.


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