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News Releases and Features

USDA Announces Fellowships for Future Agricultural Scientists
News Release | December 22, 2014

USDA Robotics Research Grants to Improve Agriculture Production, Efficiency
News Release | December 15, 2014

USDA Awards $6.5 Million to Support Plant Research
News Release | December 1, 2014

On National Rural Health Day, Secretary Vilsack Touts Benefits of Affordable Care Act to Rural Communities, Announces New Health Investments
News Release | November 20, 2014

USDA Awards 21 AgrAbility Grants to Expand Access to Farming for Americans With Disabilities
News Release | October 31, 2014

USDA and National Guard Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Assist National Guard Families
News Release | October 27, 2014

USDA & Cooperative Extension Award Top Honors in Extension Excellence and Diversity
News Release | October 27, 2014

USDA Loan Repayment Awards Ensure Access to Veterinary Services in Rural Communities
News Release | October 23, 2014

NIFA Awards $16 Million in Grants to Address Integrated Pest Management
News Release | October 23, 2014

NIFA Awards Outstanding Grantees with Partnership Awards
News Release | October 23, 2014

USDA Awards $18 Million in Small Business Research Grants Supporting Agricultural Research and Development
News Release | October 20, 2014

USDA Awards Funding for Regional Centers of Excellence in Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention
News Release | October 17, 2014

USDA Announces $9 Million in Food and Agricultural Sciences Education Grants at Hispanic-Serving Institutions
News Release | October 16, 2014

USDA Announces up to $31 Million to Empower People to Make Healthy Eating Choices
News Release | September 29, 2014

Racing ahead of disease outbreaks: $12 million in new research grants
News Release | September 10, 2014

NIFA and the National Science Foundation award $25 million in grants for study of water sustainability and climate
News Release | August 29, 2014

USDA Awards Grant to Michigan State University to Study Pollination Solutions for Specialty Crops
News Release | August 6, 2014

Mississippi State University President To Give Knapp Memorial Lecture Marking the 100th Anniversary of USDA's Cooperative Extension Service
News Release | July 30, 2014

Research Projects to Improve Plant Feedstocks for Bioenergy Production
News Release | July 17, 2014

USDA Grants Aim to Expand Science Capacity at Non-Land Grant Colleges and Universities
News Release | July 2, 2014

USDA Announces Availability of Funding to Support Agriculture and Food Research at Tribal Land Grant Colleges
News Release | July 2, 2014

USDA Announces Availability of Funding to Support Agriculture and Food Science Facilities at Ohio’s Central State University
News Release | June 23, 2014

Vilsack Announces Farm Bill Funding for Bioenergy Research, Converting to Biomass Fuel Systems
News Release | June 13, 2014

USDA Announces New Farm Bill Funds Available for Research to Fight Citrus Greening
Release | June 12, 2014

USDA Grants Support Pest Management Research, Education and Extension Efforts
Release | May 28, 2014

USDA Research Grants to Boost Food Production and Improve Food Security
Release | May 20, 2014

USDA Announces Funding for Biodiesel Fuel Education Program
Release | May 6, 2014

USDA Grants Spur Economic Development in Rural Communities Across U.S.
Release | April 30, 2014

USDA Announces Additional Support for Small and Midsized Farmers and Ranchers
Release | April 29, 2014

USDA Awards $24 Million in Research Grants to Improve Food Safety
News Release | April 24, 2014

USDA Awards Research Grants to Address the Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Agriculture Production
News Release | April 22, 2014

USDA Announces Funding to Train and Educate Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers
News Release | April 11, 2014

3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival
March 31, 2014

USDA Awards Grants to Develop Obesity Prevention Programs
News Release | March 12, 2014

USDA Awards Grants to Support Research, Teaching and Extension Programs at 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
News Release | February 26, 2014

USDA Announces New Grants to Help Communities Meet Water Challenges in Coming Years
News Release | February 24, 2014

USDA Grants Support Pest Management Research, Education and Extension Efforts
News Release | January 16, 2014

NIFA Releases Request for Applications for AFRI Foundational Program
News Release | December 12, 2013

USDA and DOE Fund 7 Research Projects to Develop Plant Feedstocks for Bioenergy
News Release | December 12, 2013

USDA Announces Grants to Help Small Business
Strengthen Innovation in Private Industry

News Release | December 12, 2013

USDA Grants Support Organic Agriculture Research
December 11, 2013

USDA Announces Projects Using Local Food to Address Hunger and Increase Access to Healthy Food
November 21, 2013

USDA Funds Research to Improve Plant Production and Health
November 15, 2013

USDA Loan Repayment Awards Ensure Access to Veterinary Services in Rural Communities
November 12, 2013

Wellesley College Professor Will Give William Henry Hatch Lecture in Honor of Agriculture Experiment Stations Founder
November 8, 2013

USDA Invests in Research to Convert Beetle-Killed Trees into Renewable Energy 
November 6, 2013

USDA Grants Support Federal Partnership for Robotics Research
October 25, 2013

USDA Grant to Develop Youth Farm Safety Curriculum
September 25, 2013

USDA's 4-H Youth Development Program to Be Featured on American Graduate Day Broadcast
September 25, 2013

USDA Funds Major Research Initiatives to Study the Effects of Weather and Climatic Variability on Beef and Dairy Cattle
May 7, 2013

USDA Partners with the Department of Defense and the Cooperative Extension Service to Develop Guides Focused on Supporting Military Families
April 15, 2013

USDA Announces Grants to Develop Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs
April 2, 2013

USDA Invests in Research to End Hunger and Address Food Security Challenges
February 27, 2013

NIFA Celebrates America Saves Week February 25-March 2
February 25, 2013

A Few Examples of Recent High-Impact Outcomes of NIFA Investments
February 15, 2013

USDA Awards Grants to Fight Weedy and Invasive Species
February 4, 2013

USDA Announces Investments in Bioenergy Research and Development to Spur New Markets, Innovation, and Unlimited Opportunity in Rural America
January 11, 2013

USDA-Funded Research Leads to Initial Draft of the Loblolly Pine Genome
January 11, 2013

USDA Grants Assist in Making Science-Based Biotechnology Risk Assessments
December 21, 2012

USDA Grants Support Sustainable Bioenergy Production
December 14, 2012

USDA Loan Repayment Awards Help Deliver Veterinarian Services to Underserved Rural Communities
December 12, 2012

President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Calls for Increased Investment in Competitive Agricultural Research
December 7, 2012

USDA and USAID Collaborate to Improve Productivity of the Common Bean to Strengthen Global Food Security
December 7, 2012

USDA Investments in Pest Management Research Help to Protect America's Food Supply
December 3, 2012

USDA Grants Support Research, Education and Extension Activities at Tribal Land-Grant Colleges
December 3, 2012

USDA Funded Research Leads to Key Discoveries in the Pig Genome
November 15, 2012

USDA Awards 17 Research Grants to Improve Food Safety
November 13, 2012

USDA Awards 14 Grants Supporting Research and Marketing of Organic Agriculture
October 22, 2012

USDA Scientists Collaborate with Global Researchers to Advance the Mapping of the Barley Genome
October 17, 2012

USDA Announces Nation's Sixth Regional Biofuels System, Meant to Spur Innovation and Job Creation in the Northeast
October 16, 2012

USDA Grants Help Fight Food Insecurity and Hunger in Low-Income Communities
October 15, 2012

NIFA Releases Requests for Applications for AFRI Foundational Program
October 15, 2012

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Investments in Specialty Crops to Help Strengthen New Markets, Provide Additional Economic Opportunity for Farmers and Ranchers
October 1, 2012

USDA Awards Grants to Enhance Health and Safety Education in Rural Areas
October 1, 2012

USDA Grants to Support Technological Innovation in Small Businesses
September 18, 2012