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1994 and 1862 Land-Grant Cooperation Progress Report

On Sept. 22-23, 2016, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture hosted a meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for 1994 and 1862 land-grant university representatives. The meeting, themed “Engagement and Success of Land-Grant Universities and Colleges - Respecting Sovereignty, Serving the People and the Land,” was held for the purpose of having a candid and productive conversation between the 1994s and 1862s, to discuss ways to strengthen their relationship, and chart a course for a more collaborative and productive future.
According to the attendees, the meeting was positive, mutually respectful, and productive. A major outcome of the meeting was a list of six action items to be championed by various attendees. These action items include:

  1. Pursue stable capacity funding for the 1994 institutions, which is similar to the Hatch/Smith Lever funding utilized by the 1862s and the Evans-Allen/1890 Extension funding utilized by the 1890s. 1994 LGU Champion: Steve Yanni, Bay Mills Community College; 1862 LGU Champions: Barry Dunn, South Dakota State; Fred Schlutt, Alaska-Fairbanks
  2. Instill a more positive tribal orientation in NIFA. 1862 LGU Champion: Jeff Bader, Montana State; 1994 LGU Champion: To Be Announced
  3. Pilot a Land-Grant University Multi/Pan-Jurisdictional Platform that provides a unique regional/multi state governance structure that provides an equal voice for all member land-grant universities. 1862 LGU Champion: Tom Coon, Oklahoma State; 1994 LGU Champion: Gary Halvorson, Sitting Bull
  4. Given the comparatively quick turnover of 1994 University Presidents, provide training and mentorship early in their tenure regarding the land-grant university mission. 1994 LGU Champion: Charlene Carr, Institute of American Indian Arts; 1862 LGU Champion: Bev Durgan, Minnesota
  5. Develop more opportunities for 1994s and 1862s to gather, plan, and coordinate. This could take the form of a partnership conference at the multi-state or multi-institutional level. 1862 LGU Champion: Chris Boerboom, North Dakota State; 1994 LGU Champion: Amanda Sialofi, Illisagvik
  6. Develop clearinghouse positions and/or duties at the regional or state level to encourage linkages between the 1994s and 1862 positions. 1994 LGU Champion: Brian Kowalkowski, College of the Menominee Nation; 1862 LGU Champion: Chuck Hibberd, Nebraska

A more detailed report of the meeting can be found below in "Resource File."

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