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NIFA Invests $3.6 Million for 4-H Military Grants

The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture is investing $3.6 million across five projects at three Land-grant Universities relating to youth and 4-H military programs.

  • Kansas State University (KSU) is receiving a $712,500 grant through the Air Force 4-H Military Partnership Outreach Support Grant Program, which is designed to increase partnerships and conduct targeted outreach that supports military-connected children of all ages, living off or on Air and Space Force installations. KSU is also receiving a $665,000 grant through the Army 4-H Military Partnership Outreach Support Grant Program. The program provides an assortment of positive youth development and professional development opportunities to U.S. Army Child and Youth Services professionals, and 4-H programs to military-connected youths globally, including healthy and nutritious meals and snacks.
  • North Carolina State University is receiving a $950,000 grant through the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Youth Support and Internship Program, a national internship program created to meet the unique needs of National Guard and Reserve Component military youths impacted by deployment while simultaneously providing participating interns customized training, education and experiential-learning experiences designed to enhance vocational awareness and career planning. This program supports the Department of Defense’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. NCSU is also receiving a $190,000 grant through the 4-H Military Extension Educator Program, which provides technical assistance to Department of Defense Child and Youth Programs staff and coordinates with 4-H Extension faculty and staff throughout the Land-grant University System to support and develop positive youth development programs and activities on and off military installations around the world.
  • Purdue University in Indiana is receiving a $1.14 million grant through the Military Teen Adventure Camps Program, which provides military teens with high adventure camp opportunities that they would not normally find through installation youth programs. The experiences provided are designed to develop critical life skills and resiliency, enhancing the teens’ abilities to meet the unique challenges that result from military life.

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