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January is National Soup Month

January is National Soup Month

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Lori Tyler Gula, Senior Public Affairs Specialist

Nothing drives away those chilly winter blues like a hot, nutritious bowl of soup. During National Soup Month, try these delicious soups recommended by our friends at Cooperate Extension units around the country.

What better way to use those turkey leftovers than for a comforting, warm soup that is also good for you? If you ever have extra turkey, put it in this turkey soup recipe recommended by North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

This quick and easy nutritious beef and vegetable soup suggested by Michigan State University Extension will keep you nourished and is a budget wise choice.

Many soups are packed with protein, veggies, and grains, making them a great one-pot meal option. You can also easily adapt your recipes to make a healthier soup. Illinois Cooperative Extension transformed this zesty tomato soup by doing the following:
  • Choose reduced-sodium or salt-free broth or stocks. Broths and stocks add a flavorful base liquid, but also can add a lot of sodium. Starting with a lower-sodium liquid is helpful in making a healthier soup. Using more herbs and spices in the soup adds flavor without salt.
  • Add more vegetables. Soup recipes usually include using a certain amount of vegetables such as one cup of chopped carrots or one stalk of celery. If you feel comfortable going off the recipe, you can always add more. Not only does this add more vitamins, minerals, and fiber, it makes the soup heartier.
  • Use evaporated milk in place of cream. Whereas broth-based soups tend to be high in sodium, creamy soups tend to be high in fat. With less water, evaporated milk provides a familiar flavor and thickness to soups with less fat.

During National Soup Month, enjoy these delicious recipes with your family and friends.  


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