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An aquaculture system.

USDA NIFA-Funded Aquaculture Projects Featured at Aquaculture America 2023

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Lori Tyler Gula, Senior Public Affairs Specialist

By 2050, global fish consumption will increase nearly 80%, while the total weight of the world’s fish harvest may only double, according to a 2021 Stanford-led study.

This future projection underlies the great and growing importance of efficient, sustainable production of aquatic animals at farms around the U.S. and internationally.   

Preparing for that future requires innovative basic and applied aquaculture research and Extension program efforts that can jumpstart the sustainable expansion of aquaculture and improve understanding of the local context for the food on our plates. In cooperation with Land-grant University partners and diverse stakeholders, USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) provides leadership and funding for aquaculture research, technology development and Extension programs. 

NIFA-funded researchers will present their latest aquaculture research and extension programming at Aquaculture America 2023, to be held Feb. 23 - 26 in New Orleans, Louisiana. NIFA national program leader Dr. Tim Sullivan, who provides leadership for programs in aquaculture, animal health and biotechnology, will moderate a session highlighting the breadth and impact of NIFA-funded aquaculture research and outreach.  

Learn more about some of these projects below. For more information on NIFA’s grant programs that fund aquaculture research, visit the Aquaculture Program page. In addition, NIFA funds aquaculture research, education and workforce development with these programs:  


Top image: An aquaculture system at the University of Arizona. Courtesy of Adobe Stock. 

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