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Project CAFÉ Governance

To ensure all Project CAFÉ initiatives deliver meaningful results to NIFA stakeholders and employees, the Agency’s leadership has established a governance framework to effectively and efficiently manage a broad range of improvement projects.

Project CAFÉ Governance Teams

Project CAFÉ is managed by the following implementation and governance teams to help ensure each initiative delivers results within its defined timeframe.

  1. Implementation Project Teams
    • Implement approved Project CAFÉ initiatives
    • Provide regular status updates to Project CAFÉ Steering Committee
  2. Project Coordination Team
    • Serves as conduit between implementation teams
    • ​Identifies risks/mitigations and interproject dependencies
    • Helps ensure consistency and alignment between all implementation teams
  3. Project CAFÉ Steering Committee
    • Serves as the final decision-making body for all Project CAFÉ initiatives
    • Regularly reviews status of all CAFÉ initiatives and re-directs teams as needed
    • Ensures NIFA stakeholders are updated on the status of Project CAFÉ

Project CAFÉ Implementation Phases

Throughout the implementation of identified improvements, Project CAFÉ will be managed in sequential, six-month phases. During each phase, the Project Coordination Team will coordinate the efforts of implementation project teams to ensure all CAFÉ initiatives are progressing according to plan.

Before the launch of each future Project CAFÉ phase, proposed efforts for that phase will be reviewed and approved by the Project CAFÉ Steering Committee. New improvement initiatives will be launched as needs arise and existing improvement projects are completed.


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