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Alabama Ensuring the Cotton Industry Doesn’t Shrink

Alabama Ensuring the Cotton Industry Doesn’t Shrink

From the shirts on our backs to the bandages we use to help heal our wounds, cotton is an important part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, many challenges, such as changes in climate and shrinking arable lands, threaten future crop production. Now, researchers at Alabama A&M University are working to ensure that cotton of the future can thrive in warmer, drier, and saltier growing climates.

Researchers are using NIFA 1890 CBG funds to better understand the nature and genetics of the crop. By sequencing the genes of cotton’s parental varieties, researchers hope to improve productivity and fiber quality and help crops to thrive in challenging growing conditions, including temperature, drought, and insect pests.

Ensuring resilience in the U.S. cotton crop matters because the U.S. cotton industry contributes over $25 billion in products and services annually, and accounts for more than 400,000 jobs.

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