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Nebraska Faculty Lead National Cover Crop Course

With a lot of time, planning, collaboration with other institutions and a $10 million NIFA Coordinated Agricultural Project grant, an idea from two University of Nebraska professors became a reality and they were able to offer a cover crop course like none other in the country.

The five-year grant, titled “Enhancing the Sustainability of U.S. Cropping Systems through Cover Crops and an Innovative Information and Technology Network” with teaching, research and Extension components and on-farm cover crop research, started in 2019 and has over 90 collaborators around the United States. 

Sarina Janssen, a senior agronomy major (from left), and Benjamin Janssen, a junior plant biology major, with course instructor Andrea Basche, identify plants grown for the Cover Crop Challenge activity in Agronomy 425/825 Cover Crops in Agroecosystems. Students selected their own cover crop mixes. Credit: Lana Koepke Johnson/University of Nebraska 

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