Food Security

Want to Save Money? Invest in Agricultural Biosecurity

A major war was fought in 2014-2015, with more than 200 battlefields and millions casualties in the United States alone. You may not have seen much of it on the news, but there’s a good chance your wallet felt it.

Purple Corn Offers Benefits Inside and Out

Purple corn is more than tasty and eye-catching. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have discovered a game-changing element of purple corn – it may help reduce the risk of major health diseases.

Online Hands-On Mapping System Helps Keep Pollinators Safe

A multi-institutional research team led by Penn State University developed Beescape, an online tool to help beekeepers understand what resources and risks bees may encounter when they leave the hive.

Wild Wheat Relative Genes to Aid in Battle Against Trio of Pests

A team of Texas A&M Agrilife Research scientists is going high tech to fight Wheat curl mite.

Cal State Fullerton's Arboretum Grows Next Gen Farmers

Lady bugs are a sign of good luck, but this group isn’t relying on ladybugs to bring luck to their crops. In fact, science is at the root of their flourishing farm. This article was originally published April 3, 2019, by Spectrum News.

Copper May Be the Key to ‘Growing’ More Land and Feeding the World

Two Cornell University scientists are working with wheat in a way that may both improve crop yield and increase the amount of productive land farmers have to work with.

4-H Youth is 'Making a Difference' One Community Food Pantry at a Time

Sometimes, to make a difference, you just have to take matters into your own hands. That’s exactly what 4-H’er Mackenzie Hinson did in Mount Olive, North Carolina. As a result, thousands of area residents worry less about finding healthy food to eat.

Breeding Highly Productive Corn has Reduced its Ability to Adapt

Stuck where they are, plants have to adapt to their environments, responding to stresses like drought or pests by changing how they grow.

'Plant a Row' Volunteers Support Local Food Pantries

During the growing season, Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Prince William, Virginia Master Gardener Volunteers reap rewards from local farmers each week by collecting unsold fruits, vegetables, flowers and bakery items at local farmers’ markets and distributing to needy families through food pantries. This project, Plant a Row for the Hungry, has been managed by staff and volunteers at VCE Prince William since 2001.

National Ag Day: Giving Thanks for Agriculture, from Farm to Fork

Today is National Ag Day, a day to recognize the role of American agriculture in our daily lives and the efforts of those who shape the American food system. The average American farmer feeds approximately 144 people worldwide, and with agriculture being our number one export, agriculture is critically important to sustaining the U.S. economy.