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Cold Plasma: The "Hottest" New Food Safety Trend is More Potent When... Watered Down!

Go ahead, search the web for "cold atmospheric pressure plasma." Over 20,000 hits, most of them a year or two old, will pop up. Ionized gases (containing ozone and acidified nitriles) that make up cold atmospheric-pressure gaseous plasma (CAP) looks like a blue torch, which could be exquisitely effective at killing foodborne pathogens on contact surfaces and on fresh produce. Some reports suggest that CAP is only marginally effective and these discrepancies have long puzzled scientists who aim to optimize the technology. NIFA-funded scientists at the University of Minnesota set out to determine parameters that make CAP most effective against foodborne viruses.

NIFA supports this research through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative.

Read the full journal article at the Plasma Processes and Polymers.

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