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Collaborating to Increase Educational Opportunities

The University of Texas at El Paso recently led a collaborative network of four regional universities to introduce students to the agricultural sciences. 

They built a Regional Energy and Educational Network (BGREEN), which established a network of researchers, educators, USDA agencies, and non-profit organizations to increase educational, training and post-graduation opportunities for Hispanic students pursuing careers in the sustainable energy sector. The project supported the recruitment of underrepresented students, curriculum development, research career experiences, partnerships, graduation in food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences (FANH) disciplines, and other areas. The BGREEN program reached 57 university students, including 35 undergraduates and 22 graduate students. The program also placed 113 students in mentoring and research career experiences at USDA agencies and other organizations focusing on sustainable energy. The program also conducted outreach to more than 800 K-12 students through programs like Imagine the 2050 Green City Design Expo, designed to raise awareness of the environment and spark student interest in a science and engineering careers.

BGREEN was supported through the NIFA's Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program.

Read more about BGREEN at the University of Texas website.

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