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NIFA Grant Funding Dashboard

The NIFA Grant Funding dashboard provides an inside look into NIFA funding for competitive and capacity grants from fiscal year 2018 forward.

What is the Dashboard?

This dashboard offers a quick and easy way to view NIFA funding for grants and provides an interactive platform to search for specific information.

The creation of this tool was a high priority for NIFA in an effort to increase transparency for all stakeholders on grant award funding information.

Data is sourced from and is refreshed on a monthly basis. The most recent refresh date can be seen in the right corner above the dashboard. 

The NIFA Grant Funding dashboard has four main components:

  • Overview - Provides a look into NIFA funding obligated by fiscal year and by federal program (assistance listing number) for competitive and capacity grants.
  • Funding Map - Provides a look into the primary performance location of NIFA funding obligated by congressional districts and states.
  • Matching - Provides a look into NIFA funding obligated and match funding received from grantees, by grant type and recipient organization.
  • Download - Provides the user the capability to download and save data with filters included.

Who Uses the Tool?

All visitors to NIFA's website can utilize this dashboard to learn more about NIFA-funded grants in their area, from state to congressional district.

How to Use the Tool

Each component of this dashboard has filters a user can apply to narrow down their search. The filters consist of the following (in order): fiscal year, assistance listing number, grant type, grant status, state, parent recipient, recipient, and recipient type.

Users can click on each filter to open a drop-down menu, then can uncheck the "ALL" box, and select specific data to populate on the dashboard.

Visit our NIFA Grant Funding User Guide page to access the full user guide document.


Data displayed does not supersede official documents, guidance or policy related to federal appropriations or grant awards.

Questions or concerns about this data should be directed to

This is a beta dashboard. NIFA is accepting feedback or comments through

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