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The Research, Extension, and Education Project Online Reporting Tool (REEport) is NIFA’s primary grant reporting system. The system collects both technical and financial data related to NIFA-funded projects...

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***NOTE: REEport and NIFA Reporting System customers may experience system performance issues due to significant and widespread network issues. USDA Technical teams are actively troubleshooting the issue.

Who Uses This Tool

The Land-Grant Universities, Independent Institutions, and Internal Users all use REEport. Find out more about each group and get specific REEport guidance and instructions:

  • Partner Universities
    • Universities that receive capacity funds from NIFA, but can also receive competitive funds.
    • These institutions have more administrative oversight in REEport.
  • Independent Institutions
    • Organizations only receive competitive funds.
    • Can be businesses or universities.
  • Internal Users
    • NIFA staff who review and approve project data, ensure proper technical language and scientific classifications, as well as accomplishments and impact statements.

Primary Resources and Support


  • Sign up for the REEport listserv in order to get up-to-date information on system downtime, future development, new reporting requirements, and policy information.
    • To subscribe to the email list, send an email to
    • Skip your subject line and type subscribe REEportDeploy in the body of your message.
    • Be sure you receive an email confirming your subscription.
  • Reporting Web Conference. A bi-monthly conference where NIFA explains new or emerging reporting policies and procedures and gives grantees and administrators/business offices at the LGUs an opportunity to participate in real-time Q&A sessions.

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