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REEport Quick Guide: How to Submit a Final Report

On this page, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to submit a final report in REEport. For comprehensive REEport instructions, see the REEport User Guide.

How to Submit a Final Report

  1. Navigate to the NIFA Reporting Portal.  
  2. Enter your email address and password; click the “Login” button.
  3. Click the “REEport” link under the “Active Applications” header.
  4. Upon entering REEport, click the “Final Report” icon.
  5. Click on the “Final Report(s) in Draft” folder to view all of the final reports you have in draft status.
  6. Click the Title of the project to open the editable Final Report form.
  7. The first page of the Final Report form is the Cover Page. This page contains non-editable data that is prepopulated from the grant application. If any of these fields are incorrect, email the REEport Help Desk at In this email communication, please include the proposal or accession number, field name(s), and correct data.
  8. By using the navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the form pages, navigate through the Final Report form and enter the required data on each page. Save your work periodically.
  9. After entering all required fields, navigate to the last page of the Final Report form (Terminate page).
  10. If you miss any required fields within the report pages, you will see an on-screen message in RED with instructions and hyperlinks to navigate to the incomplete report pages. After completing all required fields, return to the Terminate page.
  11. On the Terminate page, click the “Submit to NIFA” button to send the final report to NIFA. Please note that the submission process varies slightly based on what type of REEport site your project is assigned to.
    • If your project is assigned to a Partner Site, the Site Administrator(s) control the REEport workflows and may require organizational review before submission to NIFA. If organizational review is required, you will click on the “Submit for Review” button on the Terminate page and your Site Administrator(s) will be responsible for submitting the Final Report to NIFA.
  12. Upon successful submission, you will be brought back to the main screen of your Final Report module where you will see the on-screen message: “Report has been submitted.” You will also receive an email confirmation of the submission with the report attached.
  13. NIFA National Program Leaders have 90 days to review your final report and assess whether edits or additions are needed. If the reviewing NPL requests changes, you will be notified via email, and the report will be returned to draft status so that you may make changes and resubmit.

Data Content Instructions for Final Reports

Final reports contain the same data fields and questions as the annual progress reports. However, the reporting period differs for these two types of report. The reporting period for the annual progress report is the previous project year and the reporting period for the final report is the PROJECT DURATION (project start date to project end date).  

The two exceptions to this rule are the FTE(s) and Publication(s) included in the Final Report. On the Final Report, you should only report FTE(s) for the LAST PROJECT YEAR and Publication(s) that have not yet been reported for the project in REEport. See more details in the REEport User Guide.

Helpful Hints for Entering Final Report Data

  • For detailed guidance on specific data fields, use the embedded Help Text by clicking on the small blue icon located next to the field in REEport. Question Mark
  • There are character limits on all fields in REEport. For all the large text boxes with a built-in text editor, there is an 8,000-character limit, including spaces.
  • REEport does not accept graphics, charts, or other images pasted into any of the open text boxes.
  • After entering data on a page, you MUST click one of the navigation buttons at the top or bottom of the page to save your work (Previous/Save/Next).  
    • You may also navigate from page to page within a module using the top menu bar (e.g., moving from “Target Audience” to “Products” by clicking those words in the menu bar), but this action will not save your work if you entered new data on the page.

For detailed REEport guidance, see the REEport User Guide.

REEport Help Desk,  


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