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Economics, Markets and Trade

This program area priority within the Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities (AERC) program area supports research on development of theories, methods and applications of agricultural economics. It encourages applications in the following broad areas: agricultural market structure and performance; competitiveness in international trade and domestic markets; agricultural production and resource use; consumer behavior; farm labor and immigration and policy; agricultural policy design and impacts; technology development and adoption; and science and innovation policy.

Program Area Priority Code – A1641
Program Area Priority Contact – Dr. Robbin Shoemaker
For more information on this RFA ​see AFRI RFA ​pages 57-58.

Previous awardees' presentations and other resources:

A previously funded project under this program area priority that won the Elsevier Atlas Award can be found in this article in the scientific journal "Food Policy".

Presentations of previously funded projects for this Program Area Priority:

A presentation of the use of precision agriculture in on-farm trials to enable data-intensive fertilizer management: Request Bullock NIFA Project Directors Meeting 8 August 2018.

​A presentation of a project that analyzes and explores the effectiveness of a CPMS system in relation to food waste: Request Hamilton Food Waste AFRI August 2018 Presentation.

​A presentation of a project on improving efficiency of calorie labels, using nudges to overcome strategic ignorance: Request Thunstrom Presentation USDA 5 August 2018.


A1641 Abstracts from our CRIS database.

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