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Tribal College Endowment Program

This grant provides funds for use at the 1994 Land-Grants' discretion. The Endowment fund is an interest-bearing account. Congress appropriates funding for this account annually. 

Each 1994 Land-Grant University receives an annual funding allotment based in part on the previous year's interest earned and the number of American Indian students attending the institution.

Recipients can update NIFA about the work that was done with Endowment funding using the pdf form below. They can also use the form SF-425 on this page to report on financial data relating to this funding.

The 1994 Land-Grant presidents can use these funds at their discretion. They may restore or upgrade infrastructure, supplement other NIFA grants, or keep the funding indefinitely as a resource to address future or unanticipated needs.


Program type
Grant Program

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