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Food Products

Post-harvest losses, global competition, climate change and rising consumer demand for better food quality require scientists to understand the biological, physical and chemical properties of food and food ingredients. The U.S. Department of Agriculture collaborates with academic, federal and industry partners to understand the science of foods to improve processing and packaging technologies. These efforts help meet the demand for safe, palatable, nutritious, convenient and globally competitive food products.

Importance of Food Quality

Every year, approximately 40% of all food produced globally for human consumption is lost and wasted. Advancements in science and technology continue to improve food production. As a result of rapidly evolving technologies, the public has access to a food supply that is:

  • Abundant and diverse
  • Resistant to spoilage
  • Safe, nutritious and appealing

NIFA’s Impact 

NIFA initiatives are directed towards improving the production, storage and quality of foods. The agency’s projects:

  • Develop innovative processing technologies to improve the quality of foods and reduce post-harvest losses
  • Conduct research to understand the molecular structure and functionality of foods and food ingredients to assess safety, quality and nutritional value of foods
  • Improve production efficiency and resource conservation in the food industry
  •  Advance packaging science and engineering to improve food packaging materials and systems


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