FY 2021 Veterinary Services Grant Program (VSGP) Application Deadline

The Veterinary Services Grant Program (VSGP) is designed to support education and extension activities and practice enhancement initiatives that will enable veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and veterinary technician students to gain specialized skills and provide practices with additional resources (e.g., equipment, personnel) needed to more effectively mitigate veterinary service shortages in the U.S.

FY 2021 Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fields Program (WAMS) Application Deadline

The purpose of this program is to support research, education/teaching, and extension projects that increase participation by women and underrepresented minorities from rural areas in STEM.

FY 2021 Resident Instruction Grants Program for Institutions of Higher Education in Insular Areas (RIIA) Application Deadline

The purpose of these programs is to promote and strengthen the ability of eligible institutions in the Insular Areas to carry out education within the FANH sciences. RIIA projects strengthen institutional educational capacities, including libraries, curriculum, faculty, scientific instrumentation, instruction delivery systems, and student recruitment and retention, in order to respond to education needs in the food and agricultural sciences.