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Second Annual Virtual Grants Support Technical Assistance Workshop

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Technical Assistance
Event code: 2024 Annual Virtual Grant Support Technical Assistance Workshop

Following on the success of the first such workshop in 2023, NIFA is hosting another Grants Support Technical Assistance Workshop to support prospective applicants and other stakeholders interested in grants development and/or grants management.  

The 2024 workshop — which will be held daily from March 4-8, 2024 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST — will focus on advancing knowledge shared at the 2023 event by responding to attendee questions and discussing funded projects to explain the breadth and scope of NIFA programs. A detailed agenda will be shared before the meeting.

The focus of each day is as follows:  

  • March 4: Accessing NIFA Web Resources on Grants Development and Grants Management
  • March 5: Overview of Major NIFA Programs  
  • March 6: Opportunities for Specific Applicant Groups
  • March 7: Learning Moments from Grants Management
  • March 8: Reporting and Related Topics  

To get the most out of this year’s workshop, review the materials presented last year: specifically the content related to project and grant types, grant amounts, and allowable activities. Come prepared with questions!

Registration is required but attendees can plan and attend one or more sessions. The event will be recorded and available soon after the event. We are also eager to hear your feedback — it helps us plan future technical assistance events.  

About this workshop

NIFA hosted the first Grants Support Technical Assistance Workshop in May 2023 that attracted about 1,700 registrants, with an average daily attendance of 600. We received positive feedback and recommendations for future sessions.

NIFA’s grants support workshops are useful for faculty new to teaching, research and/or outreach, office of sponsored programs staff, small businesses, community-based organizations, and others interested in grants development and/or grants management.  

Reasonable Accommodation

If you need a reasonable accommodation to access information related to this event, please contact no later than Feb 15, 2024. NIFA offers language access services, such as interpretation and translation of vital information, free of charge.

If you need interpretation or translation services, please visit NIFA Language Access Services and request service no later than Feb 15, 2024.  

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