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Specialty Crop Farmers Can Increase Yields Through Improved Pollination

Most of the world’s crops depend on bees and other insects for pollination, so the decline in honey bees and wild bee populations raises concerns about food security. Crop yields for apples, cherries, and blueberries across the United States are being reduced.

West Virginia University Professor Working to Lower THC Levels in Industrial Hemp

While the kind of hemp that's grown in West Virginia does not contain the level of the psychoactive substance present in its cousin, marijuana, it does contain a trace, sometimes more.

North Carolina State U. Researchers Launch “StressCam”

Being able to identify crop problems early can make the difference between saving a crop and losing it, but high-tech solutions can be costly.

Monarch Research Takes Flight in a Social Distancing World

Launching a research project is typically a multi-step, drawn-out creative process.

University of New Hampshire Kiwiberry Team Boosts Commercial Production

One of the main barriers to commercial kiwiberry production for regional growers is knowing which varieties are the most ideal to grow in the region.

Tiny Invasive Snail and Latin American Coffee

While conducting fieldwork in Puerto Rico’s central mountainous region in 2016, University of Michigan ecologists noticed tiny trails of bright orange snail excrement on the undersurface of coffee leaves afflicted with coffee leaf rust, the crop’s most economically important pest.

Northern Marianas College Study Pineapple Cultivation

The Northern Marianas College’s Cooperative Research, Extension, and Education Services (NMC-CREES) was recently awarded $1.79 million to research commercial pineapple cultivation.

Missouri Food Finder

The Missouri Food Finder is a new online tool that easily connects Missouri consumers with people growing and selling locally produced food in their region.

Scientists Find Link Between Key Plant Amino Acid and Essential Hormones

Purdue University scientists searched for a way to increase a plant’s production of phenylalanine, a compound important for plant survival and used by humans in flavors, fragrances, biofuels, insecticides, and pharmaceuticals.

Determining Combination of Native Flowers to Attract Different Pollinators

Pollinator insects play a critical role in the agricultural world.