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February 2018 IFSN Seminar

On February 12, 2018, Dr. Faith M. Oi presented a webinar titled “Integrated Pest Management with Special Considerations for Food Safety”. This seminar has been approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for 1.0 Continuing Professional Education Unit (CEU).

This seminar is part of the Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition (IFSN) Seminar Series. These monthly seminars aim to disseminate new knowledge; engage with partners and stakeholders; and inspire the next generation of food safety and nutrition experts. For full information on the series, visit the seminar webpage.

Seminar Overview

This webinar provided an overview on:

  1. What does Integrated Pest Management (IPM) have to do with Food Safety?
    • Brief description of IPM
      • Concepts of dose, exposure, and risk
    • Part of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) which impacts Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in food systems.
  2. Pests, food-borne pathogens, and risk mitigation
  3. The biggest challenges for IPM (or “why IPM programs succeed and fail”)
    • Communication
    • How IPM can be incorporated into the “daily operational activities” of clientele
    • The concept of monitoring
    • Evaluating treatments
    • A comment on “intangible services”
  4. How you can help and setting expectations with clientele


Request a copy of the slide deck.


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