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FY2017 CYFAR Stakeholder Listening Session

Stakeholders were invited to participate in two listening session webinars on October 27 and October 30. The sessions consisted of one question and time for open feedback. The question was: “Would the CYFAR Program be better served by reducing the number of years funding would be offered to a single university?” Some 47 stakeholders participated representing stakeholders from the Land-grant System.

Some stakeholders responded that the three year cycle would work fine; however, the goal of the program is to engage more deeply with the community participants to make the projects/programs more sustainable. A mention of land-grant colleges who have not been as successful receiving funding supported the three year cycle as this potentially would allow greater opportunity for funding to reach at-risk populations in those states/with those universities.

Many more stakeholders indicated that the current five year granting time is appropriate given the need to build community trust, establish partnerships and to establish sustainability with some low income, high need audiences. In many instances, the audiences are not familiar with Extension. One stakeholder indicated that this all takes time. Another concern dealt with the impact upon the quality of the program should the program cycle be shortened to a three year period.

A write-in comment indicated the support of a four year cycle.
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