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Agriculture Risk Management Education Partnerships Competitive Grants Program (ARME)

The purpose of the Agriculture Risk Management Education Partnerships Competitive Grants Program (ARME), Assistance Listing 10.520, is to educate agricultural producers about the full range of risk management activities. These activities include futures, options, agricultural trade options, crop insurance, cash forward contracting, debt reduction, production diversification, marketing plans and tactics, farm resources risk reduction, and other appropriate risk management strategies. The program places special emphasis on risk management strategies, education, and outreach specifically targeted at: (A) beginning farmers or ranchers; (B) legal immigrant farmers or ranchers that are attempting to become established producers in the United States; (C) socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers; (D) farmers or ranchers that (i) are preparing to retire; and (ii) are using transition strategies to help new farmers or ranchers get started; and (E) new or established farmers or ranchers that are converting production and marketing systems to pursue new markets. The Agriculture Risk Management Education (ARME) program brings the existing knowledge base to bear on risk management issues faced by agricultural producers and expands the program throughout the Nation on a regional and multi-regional basis.

The primary goals and objectives of the ARME program are to: 1) provide U.S. agricultural producers and their families, as appropriate, with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to make informed risk management decisions that enhance profitability of their operations, and 2) deliver risk management education to agricultural producers underserved by the Federal crop insurance program.


Dates may vary. Please see RFA for exact details.
1862 Land-Grant Institutions
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1994 Land-Grant Institutions
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Applications may only be submitted by are made to qualified public and private entities (including land grant colleges, cooperative extension services, and colleges or universities). This includes all colleges and universities, Federal, State, and local agencies, nonprofit and for-profit private organization or corporations, and other entities. Award recipients may subcontract to organizations not eligible to apply provided such organizations are necessary for the conduct of the project.

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$600,000 - $2,250,000
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