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Capacity Building Grants for Non-Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture Program

Capacity Building Grants for Non-Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture Program (NLGCA) Institutions may use the funds: (a) to successfully compete for funds from Federal grants and other sources to carry out educational, research, and outreach activities that address priority concerns of national, regional, State, and local interest; (b) to disseminate information relating to priority concerns to interested members of the agriculture, renewable resources, and other relevant communities, the public, and any other interested entity; (c) to encourage members of the agriculture, renewable resources, and other relevant communities to participate in priority education, research, and outreach activities by providing matching funding to leverage grant funds; and (d) through: (1) the purchase or other acquisition of equipment and other infrastructure (not including alteration, repair, renovation, or construction of buildings); (2) the professional growth and development of the faculty of the NLGCA Institution; and (3) the development of graduate assistantships.

To apply for this grant program, the institution must be Certified as a Non-land Grant College of Agriculture.  Please review the NLGCA Eligibility Flowchart and corresponding Request for Non-Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture Designation

The RFA announcement and technical assistance webinar related to this FY 2023 funding opportunity has taken place.  Please access the details about the webinar including recording/supporting documents through the Webinar heading.

Dates may vary. Please see RFA for exact details.

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More Information on Eligibility

See Part III, A. Eligibility of the RFA for eligibility requirements. Applications may only be submitted by a Non-Land-Grant College of Agriculture (NLGCAs) certified as such by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture at the time of application. A current list of NLGCA’s certified by NIFA can be found at the NLGCA List Resource webpage. Award recipients may subaward to organizations not eligible to apply to this grants program, providing such organizations are necessary for the conduct of the project. All institutions certified as NLGCA prior to December 21, 2018 must reapply for certification and meet the new criteria for NLGCA certification contained in the Federal Register Notice.

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$30,000 - $750,000
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