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Community Food Projects (CFP) Competitive Grants Program

NIFA’s Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program (CFPCGP) is soliciting applications to fund two types of grants. The types are entitled (1) Community Food Projects (CFP) and (2) Planning Projects (PP). The purpose of the CFP is to support the development of projects with a one-time infusion of federal dollars to make such projects self-sustaining. CFPs are designed to create community-based food projects with objectives, activities and outcomes that are in alignment with Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program (CFPCGP) primary goals. The purpose of a Planning Project (PP) is to complete a plan toward the improvement of community food security in keeping with the primary goals of the CFPCGP. Projects and plans are to focus on a defined community and describe in detail the activities and outcomes of the plan or project.

Dates may vary. Please see RFA for exact details.

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Public food program service providers, tribal organizations, or private nonprofit entities, including gleaners (see Definitions in Part VIII, D of the RFA) are eligible to apply. Please refer to the CFP RFA for more information on eligibility.

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