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Global Change, Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring and Research Program

The USDA has long been concerned about high levels of ultraviolet radiation (UV-B) from the Sun, which are known to have harmful effects on agricultural crops, rangelands, forest ecosystems, livestock, humans, and built infrastructure. The purpose of the Global Change, Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring and Research Program is to support research and research infrastructure which: generates an uninterrupted stream of climatology data; determines mechanisms and symptoms of plant and animal response; and applies tightly integrated models to assess regional and national impacts (both biological and economic) of multiple plant stressors.

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Applications may only be submitted by State agricultural experiment stations, land-grant colleges and universities, research foundations established by land-grant colleges and universities, colleges and universities receiving funds under the Act of October 10, 1962, as amended (16 USC 582a et seq.), and accredited schools or colleges of veterinary medicine.

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