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Tribal Colleges Extension Program - Capacity Applications

Tribal Colleges Extension Program - Capacity Applications provides funding to (1) increase Extension program capacity at 1994 Land-Grant Institutions; and (2) address special needs, take advantage of important opportunities, and/or demonstrate long-term sustained benefits of Extension projects at 1994 Land-Grant Institutions. Awards will be made to support one or more of the following Extension base program areas: Agriculture; Community Resources and Economic Development; Family Development and Resource Management; 4-H and Youth Development; Leadership and Volunteer Development; Natural Resources and Environmental Management; and Nutrition, Diet and Health.

Dates may vary. Please see RFA for exact details.

1994 Land-Grant Institutions
Posted Date
For more Information Contact
Closing Date
Contact for Electronic Access Problems
Funding Opportunity Number
Assistance Listing Number
Previous Fiscal Year RFA
Attachment Size
FY 2018 Tribal Extension Capacity Revised 4-9-2018 (222.33 KB) 222.33 KB
Estimated Total Program Funding
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement
No Matching Requirement
Range of Awards
$0 - $984,000
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