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Grants Modernization and the New ezFedGrants System

Grants Modernization is NIFA's initiative to streamline the agency’s grant application and award process.

This business transformation initiative will result in increased efficiency and reduced costs (in system maintenance and staff time) for NIFA grantees and staff. NIFA is now using ezFedGrants, a new web-based system, to support this initiative. EzFedGrants is a grants and financial management system used by several USDA agencies.

Grants Modernization Goals

  • Strengthen financial oversight
  • Increase transparency and simplify processes for grantees
  • Provide self-service capabilities
  • Promote a paperless environment
  • Improve management and reporting of data and results

Who Will Use ezFedGrants?

  • NIFA staff is now using ezFedGrants to process all 2017 capacity program applications.
  • Starting in November 2016, FY 2017 capacity grant applicants began using ezFedGrants to:
    1. check the status of their applications;
    2. access and download award documents;
    3. and submit their SF-425 Federal Financial Reports for FY 2017 awards when they come due in December 2017.
  • In the future, all NIFA grant programs – both capacity and competitive – may be managed through ezFedGrants.


EzFedGrants went live in November 2016. NIFA is using the system to process all FY 2017 (and future) capacity awards for eligible institutions. Competitive grant programs will not use ezFedGrants until a later date, although the goal is for NIFA to manage all of its grant programs in ezFedGrants. Check back to this page for more information on timelines and future ezFedGrants resources for all NIFA grant programs.

How Does the Use of ezFedGrants Affect the Grant Application Process?

EzFedGrants provides some additional, streamlined capabilities for managing capacity grants in FY 2017 and beyond. However, many grant application steps for capacity programs remain the same. When eligible institutions apply to capacity grant Requests for Applications (RFAs), they still apply through The Automated Standard Application for Payment (ASAP) system is still used to submit claims and receive grant funds. Also, grantees are continuing to use the REEport and Plan of Work systems for programmatic and accomplishment reporting.


How Can I Access ezFedGrants?

Getting access to ezFedGrants is a multi-step process.

  1. If you are involved in the capacity grant application and financial reporting process at your institution, please view this instructional video. The video will walk you through getting an eAuthentication Level 2 account with USDA.
  2. After you have your eAuth2 credentials, visit USDA's Financial Shared Services website and click "Launch ezFedGrants." Log in with your eAuth credentials and then click "Request Access" from the left menu bar. Further instructions for this step are posted in the "Resources" section above.

If you have any questions about ezFedGrants, please email the Capacity Branch at



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