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CYFAR Grant Application Resources and Information

CYFAR provides funding to land-grant university extension services to support Sustainable Community Projects (SCP) and Professional Development and Technical Assistance (PDTA) programs. 

These programs are supported by the federal partner USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), as well as, faculty from the land-grant university departments of 4-H Youth Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community Development and Agriculture, and Natural Resources. Partnering universities build connections, competency and capacity to work collaboratively to assist communities to develop and sustain holistic programs for at-risk children, youth and families who are under-served and under-represented.

CYFAR Sustainable Community Projects (CYFAR-SCP) Application Information

The purpose of SCP funding is to improve the quality and quantity of comprehensive community-based programs for at-risk children, youth, and families supported by the Cooperative Extension System. Collaboration across disciplines, program areas, and geographic lines, as well a holistic approach that views the individual in the context of the family and community, are central to Sustainable Community Projects. CYFAR-SCP grant information can be found on the NIFA Funding Opportunities Page.

CYFAR Professional Development and Technical Assistance (CYFAR-PDTA) Application Information

The goal of the CYFAR-PDTA is to provide state-of-the-art support for CYFAR SCP grantee community sites. The CYFAR-PDTA grantee will support the sites’ leveraging of the expansive resources of Extension and the Land-grant university system, which may provide programming, evaluation, technical assistance, and an integrated approach to ensure technology is incorporated throughout. CYFAR-PDTA collaboratively through the Extension system will provide the components of programming, evaluation, technology and technical assistance. CYFAR-PDTA grant information can be found on the NIFA Funding Opportunities Page.

Logic Model forms must be completed and returned as a PDF attachment with the application at

The following resources will assist states in developing their new CYFAR-SCP and CYFAR-PDTA proposals.


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