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Learning is something you do with your whole self, and for your whole life. Learning is not a collection of ideas; it is about how you feel, how you see yourself, what you do, and who you are with. Learning is an integrated process where the learner, the educator, the physical environment, and culture are all changed by each other.

It is dynamic and complex and that is why it is important to pay attention to innovation in both research on how people learn, and the practical wisdom gained from educators and learners as they create the learning experience together.

The role of the Division of Youth and 4-H is to lead, inform, and educate 4-H and other land-grant university youth development professionals about learning principles, trends, resources, methods, and delivery modes to support the incorporation of relevant learning into positive youth development programs.

This work is accomplished by providing support to:

  • Professional Staff
  • Volunteers

And through focusing on three primary content areas:

  • Citizenship
  • Healthy Living
  • Science


Program type
Emphasis Area Program

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