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Husband and children hug returning mother, who is in military, courtesy of Adobe Stock

Communities Support Military Families Curriculum

Communities Support Military Families is a comprehensive, concise program that encourages community residents and helping agencies to be good neighbors in support of military families in their midst.

Almost every community includes families with service members deployed in National Guard or Reserve units. Recent research tells us that partnerships formed by caring community residents and local helping agencies create a force for strengthening family resilience that is more effective than any of us can do on our own.

Program objectives are to:

  • Build knowledge of the structure and mission of the military branches
  • Create awareness of the presence and needs of “suddenly military” families
  • Develop understanding of the emotional cycle of deployment
  • Suggest practical, appropriate ways for community residents and agencies to reach out to such families and their children

Developed by University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension, Communities Support Military Families is national in scope; its materials contain no state-specific references and can therefore be immediately used by anyone. 

Resources available with this program are:



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