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Deployment of New Crop and Animal Production and Protection Technologies and Management Systems

NIFA administers funding to programs that provide new tools and management strategies in support of food defense and food security through the Crop Protection and Pest Management Program (CPPM) and the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

Crop Protection and Pest Management Program

The Crop Protection and Pest Management Program (CPPM) program supports projects that will increase food security and respond effectively to other major societal challenges with comprehensive IPM approaches that are economically viable, ecologically prudent, and safe for human health. The CPPM program addresses pest management challenges with new and emerging technologies. The outcomes of the CPPM program are effective, affordable, and environmentally sound IPM practices and strategies supporting more vital communities.

Extension Disaster Education Network

The Food and Agriculture Defense Initiative: Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) forms sustainable efforts to enhance the biosecurity of the U.S. agriculture and food system. EDEN expands the Cooperative Extension System’s educational role before, during, and after a disaster using the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Response Framework, which is an “all-hazards” approach to enhance the ability of the U.S. to manage domestic incidents. This approach includes homeland security processes for disaster planning, preparing, mitigating, responding, and recovering.

EDEN’s role in disaster education relates to Planning – helping communities prepare for imminent disasters through communication and education; Mitigating – helping communities learn how to identify and reduce risks and connecting agencies that address those risks; Responding – working in partnership with other responding agencies to assess damage; and Recovering – working toward long term recovery and returning to a state of normalcy through initiatives in communities and one on one with individuals and families.


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