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The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative has numerous program area priorities in the three Requests for Applications (RFAs) posted each year. Each program area priority has its own deadline(s). 

Information about the program area priority including program contacts, types of projects allowed, and more will be found in Part I, C of each RFA. Letters of Intent (if applicable) and applications must be received at NIFA by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the deadlines listed below for each program. Dates are listed in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Please note that for programs that accept conference grants, LOIs are required for conference grants and must be submitted at least 195 days before the start of the conference. The full Conference Grant application must be submitted, at minimum, 150 days before the start of the conference. Please see Part I, C of the RFA for each program area priority in order to determine if it allows conference grants.

AFRI Deadlines for Fiscal Year 2023

Program Area Priority Program Code 2023 Application Deadline
AFRI Commodity Board Co-funding Topics A1811 8/3/2023
Agricultural Biosecurity A1181 8/10/2023
Agricultural Microbiomes in Plant Systems and Natural Resources  A1402 10/5/2023
Agricultural Workforce Training Grants A7601 9/21/23
Animal Breeding, Genetics, and Genomics  A1201 8/10/2023
Animal Nutrition, Growth and Lactation A1231 8/10/2023
Animal Reproduction A1211 8/10/2023
Biorefining and Biomanufacturing A1531 10/5/2023
Conventional Plant Breeding for Cultivar Development A1143 10/12/2023
Critical Agricultural Research and Extension (CARE) A1701 9/14/2023
Data Science for Food and Agricultural Systems (DSFAS) A1541 11/16/2023
Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases A1344 8/24/2023
Diseases of Agricultural Animals A1221 8/10/2023
Economics, Markets and Trade A1641 10/5/2023
Engineering for Agricultural Production and Processing A1521 10/5/2023
Engineering for Precision Water and Crop Management and Water Programs  A1551 10/12/2023
Extension, Education & USDA Climate Hubs Partnership A1721 5/4/2023 (LOI)

9/7/2023 (Application)
Food and Agricultural Non-formal Education (FANE) A7801  12/7/2023
Food and Human Health A1343 8/10/2023
Food Safety and Defense A1332 8/24/2023
Foundational Knowledge of Agricultural Production Systems A1102 9/14/2023
Foundational Knowledge of Plant Products A1103 8/17/2023
Inter-Disciplinary Engagement in Animal Systems (IDEAS) A1261 10/5/2023
Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance Across the Food Chain A1366 9/21/2023
Nanotechnology for Agricultural and Food Systems A1511 9/14/2023
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics A1651 9/14/2023
Novel Foods and Innovative Manufacturing Technologies A1364 9/28/2023
Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems A1112 9/21/2023
Physiology of Agricultural Plants A1152 8/24/2023
Plant Breeding for Agricultural Production A1141 10/13/2023
Pollinator Health: Research and Application A1113 8/24/2023
Postdoctoral Fellowships A7201 9/7/2023
Predoctoral Fellowships A7101 10/26/2023
Professional Development for Agricultural Literacy A7501 9/14/2023
Rapid Response to Extreme Weather Events Across Food and Agricultural Systems A1712 Accepted on a continuous basis.
Center for Research, Behavioral Economics, and Extension on Food Loss & Waste A1741 9/14/2023
Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates (REEU) A7401 8/17/2023
Rural Economic Development A1661 9/14/2023
Small and Medium-Sized Farms A1601 8/17/2023
Social Implications of Food and Agricultural Technologies A1642 11/2/2023
Soil Health A1401 9/14/2023
Environmental Justice A1461 9/14/2023
Sustainable Agricultural Systems A9201 4/13/2023 (LOI)

7/13/2023 (Application)
Sustainable Agroecosystems: Health, Functions, Processes and Management A1451 9/14/2023
Sustainable Bioeconomy through Biobased Products A1414 9/7/2023
Water Quantity and Quality A1411 9/7/2023
Welfare of Agricultural Animals A1251 8/10/2023


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Animal health and production and animal products
Agriculture economics and rural communities

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